News about Blumenhofer Acoustics

Shanghai HiFi Expo 2013

The German Chamber of Commerce supported the German industry in the participation to the Shanghai High End Show 2013, they gave us an extraordinary logistic support and a big opportunity to present our products in Shanghai.
It was a long time that we did not go to China and we appreciated the opportunity.

In the end there were 3 rooms playing Blumenhofer Loudspeakers:
- the room of the German chamber of commerce playing a Fun 10 and a Tempesta 17 on the 3rd day
- our room with a Genuin FS 2
- the room of Mr. Amari with the Genuin FS 3 he purchased some years ago

what to say, we are small player, but apparently well appreciated :-)


WSR Sales is our new distributor for USA

It seems like an April's fool. But it is true.
Since longer time we started our cooperation based on the development of certain products to comply with the needs of the American market.
The result is the Tempesta series, complete with Center, Surround and Subwoofers. Still there is some work to do to complete the range, but the product line has born.

The partner of this cooperation was and is Robert Thompson of WSR|Sales.

Now, our new distributor for USA is

WSR Sales
Robert Thompson

6072 Lake Melrose Dr
32829 Orlando FL

Mobile: +1 (407) 491-9116

Analogue Extrema Rotterdam 2013

Marco our distributor surpassed himself.
He organized the show with an exceptional presence of our brand: our loudspeakers were present in 3 rooms.

In one room there was:
- Genuin FS 1
- in a setup with 4 Turntables from Pluto and Acoustics Signature
- 4 Phono preamplifiers from Einstein, van den Hul, Octave and Monk Audio
- and the Octave V110 with a (silver) black box.
- 2 H3.1 Power Harmonizer from Cammino

a really impressive setup.
On the sunday, in this room have been recorded and replayed a live concert of Case Mayfield. It was astonishing to have the artist sitting there and the music playing 1 to 1 and hardly notice a difference between the live and the playback performance.

The second room had:
- Blumenhofer Acoustics Genuin FS 2
- Einstein integrated amplifier
- Einstein Phono Preamplifier
- Dr. Feickert Blackbird

The third room showed:
- Blumenhofer Acoustics big Fun 20
- Hans Acoustics Turntables


We have the winner

We have the winner for the Leserwahl contest of Stereoplay.
Alexander from Kalkar, we wish and send him Fun!

We sincerely hope he appreciate it :-)


Stereoplay Lautsprecher Jahrbuch 2013

We did not manage to get the cover, but our Wiki has been chosen by Holger Biermann to be included in the Stereoplay Loudspeaker yearbook 2013.
Take a look at page 247, there is something nice about the Wiki.


"Battle of the Best!" Event in Amsterdam at A10 Audio

Alex Loth organized at A10 Audio an event, where our Gran Gioia played on an Octave Jubilee system. They tell me that it was astonishing good. I'll hear it next week ;-)


"horns n'tubes" event at MuSiCa NoVa in Nürnberg

horns n'tubes mit MuSiCa NoVa, Blumenhofer & Scheu Analog
Das Finale Furioso. Thomas Blumenhofer aus dem schönen Walkertshofen im Allgäu baut anerkannterweise mit die besten Hornlautsprecher in Deutschland. Seit geraumer Zeit gibt's sogar durchaus preiswerte Böxchen für den Hörnchen-Einsteiger. Wir spielen sowohl die Einstiegsdrogen als auch die großen Teile für fortgeschrittene Freaks. Die Elektronik ist von mir. MuSiCa NoVa halt, Röhre pur, kompromisslos und dennoch bezahlbar. Als Zuspieler dient zum einen der CD-Player ProMetheuS, ebenfalls aus meiner Manufaktur. Zum anderen kommt ein Plattenspieler von dem angesehenen Berliner Spezialisten Scheu Analog zum Einsatz. Somit können wir glatt sagen: Alles deutsche Wertarbeit.


Inauguration of the Organ in the Church of Bibione

This is not a really Blumenhofer Event, is something that Blumenhofer supported.

The Church Santa Maria Assunta in Bibione received a new organ from one beloved member of his community, Rino Benedett.

Then we discovered that Fritz de With from STS-Digital has a spleen for organ music and loves to record organs.
Agreements were made and quite fast the decision was taken.
With the support of the community in Bibione the Church has been able to finance the production of the CD of the inaugural concert of the organ.

The CD is only for internal use of the Church and for the local community. You can contact Don Andrea Vena here if You wish to have more information about it.

Under magistral conduction of Maestro Daniel Roth from Saint Sulpice in Paris, the result and the sound were really moving.
These were the music played
This concert was the opening concert for the Summer organ concert season in Bibione.

The Organ comes from the Francesco Zanin company of Codroipo. The site is still in construction but You can reach them here.
Some data of the organ can be read in this document

To perform the recording Fritz de With used a 4 microphone setup, placing 2 microphones in front of the altar directed to the two wings of the organ plus 2 more microphones about 10 meters behind to be able to generate the ambience of the church and eliminate some of the unavoidable disturbs arising during a live concert.
The microphones from Shoeps were connected to a Nagra VI pro 8-channel recorder. The power supply chain of the electronic involved was from Cammino-HP.
Blumenhofer's involvement? We made the whole possible and our loudspeakers will be used in the post-processing of the recorded tracks to reach the quality needed to realize the CD.

After enjoying the concert in the church, we spent the whole sunday playing the tracks again and again to understand the quality and start a first remixing process to decide the relative levels of the tracks. We were astonished, I've never had the experience of listening for a concert a second time in that quality. It beamed me away into a meditative status: fantastic! I'm looking forward for hearing the CD at my place.


Norddeutsche HiFi Tage 2013

What to tell about the Norddeutsche HiFi Tage.
It is one of the most appealing consumer HiFi shows in Germany and like in the last 4 years we had our chance to expose there.
This time it was not intended to be minimalistic it was a really huge system and played really good music.
The groove was there, the energy pushed us to the wall and the wish to increase the volume was there, but we had to spare the ears of our visitors.
The visitors came… and forgot to leave the room. At certain moments it was that full that we were not able to move.

We had a Genuin(e) good sound. This was the setup:

Einstein Vorstufe - The Tube
- Einstein Endstufe - The Poweramp
- Einstein CD Player - The Source
- Einstein Phono Preamplifier - The Turntable's Choice
- Pluto Audio Plattenspieler
- Van den Hul Tonabnehmer
- Cammino H 3.1 Power Harmonizer
- Klangstube Phono Rack

- Blumenhofer Acoustics Lautsprecher - Genuin FS 2

And if You are curious to see some pictures, they are
here in our Gallery.
Thank You and thank the whole Bramsfeld team for the wonderful organization.
Here the link to the HiFi Tage pages.
See You in 2014!


Visit at STS Digital

On the 30ies of January Thomas and Andrea, after a long trip paid a visit to Fritz de With of STS-Digital. We had a longer music session with several kind of music. We forgot how good the Genuin FS 1 is playing, when it is really burned in. Really good!


Groove into Bits Vol. 2

The Setup was impressive.

- Pluto Audio Turntable
- Van den Hul Canary cartridge
- Octave Phono Module
- Octave Jubilee Preamplifier
- Octave MRE 220 Power Amplifier
- complete Cammino-HP cabling
- Cammino HP Power Harmonisation
- Astin Trew Concord DAC 1 USB
and of course
- Blumenhofer Acoustics Wiki

I think there is nothing left to say. This list answers all the questions.

- Andreas Hoffmann - Octave
- Claudio Trevisanello - Cammino HP
- Fritz de With - STS Digital
- Onno Kivet -
- Conny Englmeier - DJ
- Marco de Wilde -
- Bernd Berling - Klangstube
- Eddy - Pluto
- Micael Osborne - Astin Trew
and of course
- Thomas Blumenhofer
- Andrea Vitali


Hörabend bei Musicanova

At Musicanova, Harald Pensel presented our Fun 13 with his setup of components. I'm looking forward for the inauguration on the beginning of March. I'll plan to be there.


Review of the big Fun 17 on Stereoplay 06/2012 online available

Straight before the Munich High End 2012 Wolfram Eifert tested our big Fun 17.
That article is a really good description of what our loudspeaker is able to do.

By chance I found the online version of the article some minutes ago. Here You can read it.
That article was a comparison between 3 horn loudspeaker following 3 different operating principles. Here You can find the whole comparison.

You can read it on Stereoplay 06/2012 on page 38 as well.

2013_01_12-big-Fun-17 2013_01_12-Stereoplay 06-2012

Review of the Fun 13 on now in English


Fabio Barbato of reviewed our Fun 13.

It is a very nice review that puts in good light the qualities of our Fun 13!
Here You can read it in Italian.
And Here is available in English as well.


We participate to the Stereoplay, Audio and Video magazine Leserwahl contest

This year we participate to the Leserwahl of one of the main german Audio publisher.
You can reach the Stereoplay Leserwahl here

We participate in 2 products categories:
- our Fun 17 in the category "Standboxen bis 5.000€"
- our big Fun 17 in the category "Standboxen bis 10.000€"

Go there and give us Your vote!!
You might even win a Blumenhofer Fun 13 :-)