From a big love for music: the only loudspeaker in this class, wich can be used even with tubes.

After some years of waiting we decided to reintroduce the Mini in our product portfolio.
The Mini is a loudspeaker that was present longer time in the story of Blumenhofer. It was sometimes called Mini, then Satellite Mini and so on. The basis project never changed: a 2 way loudspeaker with a 10cm woofer in a rear ported bass reflex cabinet.
The Mini has been already awarded in the past in France by the Haute Fidélité magazine the Best Buy award.

The only one in this class that can be driven by tube amplifier


• 2-Ways loudspeaker
• Rear ported Bass-Reflex


• 25mm silk dome tweeter
• 10cm (4") Woofer


• Single-wiring-terminals
• Tube Friendly
• 5 years Warranty

Technical Data

Genuin BKSTempesta BKSMidiMini
MaterialMaterialMaterialeBirch plywoodBirke MultiplexMultistrato di betullaMDFMDFMDF
ThicknessMaterialdickeSpessore18mm / 0,75"19mm / 0,75"19mm / 0,75"19mm / 0,75"
Internal BracingVerstrebungIrrigidimentoStructural bracing interactionStrukturelle interaktionInterazione strutturaleNoNoNo
Cross over chamberKammer für FrequenzweicheVolume separato per filtroNoNoNoNo
Frequency rangeFrequenzgangRisposta in frequenza50Hz - 20kHz ± 2dB50Hz - 20kHz ± 2dB60Hz - 20kHz ± 2dB60Hz - 20kHz ± 2dB
Bass CabinetBass GehäuseCabinet dei bassiHarmonic
Bass Reflex
Bass reflexBass reflexBass reflex
PortingBass ReflexCanaleFloorZum BodenA pavimentoRearNach hintenPosterioreRearNach hintenPosterioreRearNach hintenPosteriore
WooferTiefmitteltönerWoofer:200mm / 8" - 250mm / 10"170mm / 6,5"130mm / 5"100mm / 4"
P2F® Sandwich
P2F® Sandwich
Sandwich P2F®
P2C® Sandwich
P2C® Sandwich
Cross over frequencyÜbergangsfrequenzFrequenza di taglio1200 Hz1800 Hz3000 Hz6000 Hz
MidhighMittelhochtönerMedioalti:Compression driverKompressionstreiberDriver a compressioneCompression driverKompressionstreiberDriver a compressioneDomeKalotteCalottaDomeKalotteCalotta
Horn ThroatHornDiametro tromba1"1"--
Membrane dimensionsMembranendimensionDimensione Membrana44mm / 1,75"35mm / 1,4"28mm / 1,1"25mm / 1"
Max power inputBelastbarkeitPotenza massima (RMS)150 W RMS100 W RMS80 W RMS60 W RMS
EfficiencyWirkungsgradEfficienza90dB90dB88 dB88dB
ImpedanceImpedanzImpedenza8 Ohm8 Ohm8 Ohm6 Ohm
Impedance linearizationImpedanzlinearisierungLinearizzazione d'impedenzaYesJaSiNoNoNo
MaterialMaterialMaterialeGold plated
tellurium copper
Vergoldetes tellurium KupferRame tellurio placcato oro
Gold plated brassVergoldetes MessingOttone placcato oroGold plated brassVergoldetes MessingOttone placcato oroSingle-Wiring gold platedSingle-Wiring vergoldetSingle-Wiring placcato oro
FeetsFüßePiediAdjustable SpykesRegelbare SpykesSpykes regolabiliNoNoNo
DimensionsMaßenDimensioni [mm]8" - 600 x 290 x 375 mm
10" - 680 x 340 x 430 mm
480 x 220 x 320 mm
19 x 8,5 x 12,5 in
338 x 290 x 162 mm280 x140 x270 mm
11 x 5,5 x 10,5 in
WeightGewichtPeso10,5 kg7 kg5 kg
Packaging dimensionsVerpackungsmaßenDimensioni imballate69 x 43 x 36 cm48 x 48 x 44 cm45 x 45 x 42 cm
Loudspeakers per cartonLautsprecher per KartonPezzi pro cartone2222
Packaging weightVerpackungsgewichtPeso imballate17 kg12 kg
Center LoudspeakersCenter LautsprecherDiffusori centrali:Center 20Center 17--
Center 17Center 15--
Standard VeneersStandard FurniereFiniture standard:Walnut, Dark WalnutWalnuss, Dunkles WalnussNoce, Noce Scuro
Special VeneersSpezial FurniereFiniture speciali:Black Walnut, on demandSchwarz Walnuss, auf AnfrageNoce Nero e su richiesta
Premium VeneersPremium FurniereFiniture premium:On demandAuf AnfrageSu richiesta


In our workshop we can offer true-wood veneers.
Wood is a natural product and depending on several factors might have different color and structure. Color and structure variations of the surface are not to be considered flaws.


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