News about Blumenhofer Acoustics

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Stereoplay Lautsprecher Jahrbuch 2013

We did not manage to get the cover, but our Wiki has been chosen by Holger Biermann to be included in the Stereoplay Loudspeaker yearbook 2013.
Take a look at page 247, there is something nice about the Wiki.


René L. van Es Article "in Wiki Wonderland" available in English

Do You remember that in René L. van Es visited us back in November? Here is the post about that visit.

He wrote a very charming article about his experience with the Wiki, and called the article for Music Emotion "in Wiki Wonderland",
here is the post about that article and here is the article in Dutch.

But not all of us are able to read Dutch (I'm not able at all), therefore René agreed to translate to English and Michael of
Astin Trew agreed to support us with this translation (thank You René and thank You Michael). Here You can read it in English, well it is just the text, without pictures, but it it worth reading. Enjoy.

Report about Blumenhofer and the Wiki on Music Emotion - Wiki Wonderland - René L. van Es

We received yesterday the article of the report of the visit of René L. van Es, the freelance Journalist who writes for Music Emotion in the Netherlands.
They told me it is great the way it is written and the information on our company and the quality of our products is very very positive...
...I'd like to be able to read it: it is written in Dutch.
Here can be read online


Short report about the Wiki on Stereoplay 1/12

on page 6 of Stereoplay 1/2012 You can read a short information about the Wiky. We are expecting Holger Biermann to visit us early next year to give more news to our german customers


Visit of René L. van Es - Freelance Journalist of Music Emotion

René L. van Es - Freelance Journalist of Music Emotion - has spent the weekend with us in Walkertshofen.
With him were Fritz de With, Lars Dam and Cor Kleijn.

We have listened, discussed and drunk a lot of coffee.
The Setup was impressive:
- Turntable: Acustic Signature Ascona
- Tonearm: SME M2-12
- Cartridge: Sound Smith Strain Gage
- Cabling: of Cammino Reference Stage Loudspeaker and Reference Interconnect
- Amplification: Kanzy KAAM-1000
- Loudspeaker: Wiki, Genuin FS 2, Fun 13

During the days we had as well found some music ideas for the future Blumenhofer Acoustics CD, and I tell You, even if the first CD has not jet come on the market, we are already looking forward for the second. BTW, how do You like the title for the CD (SACD maybe?) "Groove into bits"? It reflects the way we recorded it: mastering directly from the turntable :-) We also had a short taste of the first songs and they sound really "analog".

The discussions were long, the interviews interesting the ideas astonishing. A real brainstorming weekend that will have effects in the near future of the company. In other companies it is called business development, we call it listening for music.

At the end René was overwhelmed by the sound and the music. You will be able to read his impressions in Music Emotion in December. We are looking forward to read the full article!!


We introduce the Wiki

Our Wiki has a short name but is big. And sounds.
We do not dare to say “all you ever wanted to know about music” because we are still wondering if we have a chance to go beyond the frontiers of possible.

For the first time a compression driver with a 75 mm Beryllium membrane and a field coil magnet with more than 2,5 Tesla: the most powerful available magnet with the biggest Beryllium membrane. The Beryllium membrane and the compression Chamber for the driver come from us. The rest from Wolf von Langa and his Kilimanjaro driver series
For the bass a 38 cm woofer with field coil magnet as well. Entirely made by Wolf von Langa whithin his Kilimanjaro series.

That’s the technic behind.

In front there is music... what a fantastic reproduction... or was it real?