News about the Fun 17

Summary about Blumenhofer on released a review of our loudspeakers.
The article in French is a good description of our philosophy and way of thinking.

You can read it here on the pages of the French e-zine.

Review of the big Fun 17 on

Pierre Stemmelin of had a private audition of the Fun 17 at Full High End in Yerres. Here you can read his mind and here you can download the pdf of the article.

Review of the Mini SE on Haute Fidélité


Ghislain Prugnard of Haute Fidélité tested our Mini SE. Here you can download his review.
Here You can read the review online. Mr. Prugnard awarded our Mini SE the “Best Buy”


Salon Haute Fidélité, Paris 2009

We played the big Fun 20, the Fun 17 and the Mini on the floors of the Marriott rive gauche. It has been a nice experience and a great sound.
Electronics by MastersounD and Grandinote
After the show I had the chance to visit some parts of Paris: it was cold.
Thanks to Panayotis.


Review of the Genuin FS 3 on Haute Fidélité


Ghislain Prugnard of Haute Fidélité tested our Genuin FS 3. Here you can download his review.
Here You can read the test online

Salon Haute Fidélité, Paris 2008

First experience in France. Pretty amusing and cold cold weather. The only problem: we did not get to become a good caffe.
Here You can read the reportage of Haute Fidélité about the appearance on the fair


Ultra Stereo is our new distributor for France and Belgium

We met Panayotis in Greece, in November 2007 and then, talking, we decided to meet again.
Now, Pana visited us and joined our distribution chain: ultra.stereo (at)

Panayotis is, by the way, the producer of the A.r.i.s.® Feets and the owner of the Aktyna brand