Examples one Time Veneer (*)

These veneers are really seldom.
Normally not available or available on a chance based.
Price and delivery delay only on request.

- Venetian Briccole - 25 years in the Venetian lagoon

- Kauri - 50,000 years old veneer

- Palissander Tree

Venetian Briccole - 25 years in the Venetian lagoon

The Briccola (bricoĊ‚a on venetian) is a wooden structure, which consists of 2 or more oak trunks bond together and set in water. The Briccole are used to mark waterways or for landing a ship in the venetian lagoon. They are substituted each 20-25 years.
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Kauri - 50,000 years old veneer

Living Kauri trees are now a protected tree, the way it belongs.
There are findings of Kauri trees, which fell down before more than 50.000 years ago in New Zealand. These trees are in perfect conservation conditions because they have been buried below sand, water and earth. These old woods are perfect and can be used.
Dimensions: 60m (200 feet) tall, 4.5m (15 feet) diameter.

A one time historic veneer.

More info about Kauri - Wikipedia
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Palissander Tree

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* - this list does not intend to be exhaustive
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