Blumenhofer Acoustics Manual

The complete Handbook is still in draft status

5.2 - Connecting Bi-Wiring terminals

Connect the positive terminal on the speaker (colored red and marked with "+") to the positive output terminal of the amplifier and negative (colored black and marked with "-") to negative. Incorrect connection can result in poor imaging and loss of bass.
During connection it is very important not to apply tangential forces to the binding pods. This might lead to breaks of the binding pod.
To reduce the risk of break of the binding pods, it is to turn clockwise the pod to close it before inserting a banana plug. If you try to insert the banana plug with open pod then it might break: this damage is not covered by warranty.

The terminals accept:
• 6mm (1/4-in) spades (fit them under the sliding collar);
• Bared wire ends;
• 4mm banana plugs.

Always screw the terminal caps tightly to optimize connection and signal transmission.

Correct connections: red cables to red terminals

Single-Wiring mode

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Each connection depicted above, brings small changes in the sound character of the loudspeaker. Nothing macroscopic, but some small final tuning can be done connecting the loudspeaker in a different way. Important is that the connection of both loudspeakers is equal.
This fine tuning step should follow the fine positioning of the loudspeaker, because it is better to dig into the small details when the big picture is already drawn and the result is already achieved.
Our suggestion is to start with a crossed connection with the red cable entering in the low section of the terminal and the black cable entering in the mid-high section of the terminal. Then the thumb rule says: moving both cables to the mid-high section gives more importance to the horn, and moving them both to the low section gives more importance to the bass.

Bi-Wiring mode

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WRONG connections
Following connection could damage the power amplifier or the Loudspeakers.
These kind of damages are not covered by Warranty.
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These connections put the power amplifier in short circuit: avoid it!
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Bi-Wiring or Bi-Amping with the bridge cable could damage the power amplifier: avoid it!
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False connection: red cable to black plug and viceversa
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