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News about Blumenhofer Acoustics

So many news - coming back soon


We have been away for a certain while. And I have so much news to tell You since the Munich High End… well, In the next week I'll catch up with You and with all happened since May 2017!

Musical wishes for 2017

Blumenhofer Acoustics Team wishes You all
a wonderful 2017.
May it be prosperous, amazing, sunny,
rich and full with music!

Foto courtesy of an happy customer from the surrounding of Leipzig - Germany

Prize for the Norddeutsche HiFi Tage


Ms Borchert asked us if we want to participate to the prizes drawing for the Norddeutsche HiFi Tage 2017.
Well we thought about it and it is a good idea, we will offer a European Walnut Mini as prize.
Among all the registered people coming to the show, one will be the lucky one and win the our Mini.
It is still in production now, but soon will be sent to Hamburg.


Fotografic session

After a longer time, we have found a good format and a competent partner for making professional pictures of our loudspeakers. Andrea Pecchiari, the son of a friend is in love with photography and does have an actual competence in working with lights and shadows.
You will soon see some of his pictures in our web pages. The step forward is amazing and we are looking forward for the progressive implementation.
Here You can see some pictures on how we worked today.


Schule Lautsprecherbau

Some Students of a school in Augsburg attended to some teaching session about how to build loudspeakers.
They appreciated the experience and it has been good for us as well to get new ideas.
Here some pictures


Brochures download

This was one of the most important task to be completed before the show. We now have new brochures and You can even download them from our web pages. Have a look here:


Preview and dry run Munich High End

The page with some preview info about what we will present at the Munich High End is online. If You are curious, You can see it here:


On the 28th we will start the dry run of the show. We will post information here, in the dry run page. If You are curious, stay tuned!

Best Wishes for a gorgeous 2016

We wish a gorgeous 2016 to all our friends, dealers, customers and distributors.
Looking forward for a successful 2016!!

Picture by Matthias Schmalfuß

Stereo Interview of Einstein and Blumenhofer at the Munich High End


During the Munich High End Michael Lang of Stereo and Uli Appel interviewed me and Volker Bohlmeier from Einstein Audio about the way the things were going and the news from the fair. Here You can watch the interview. Of course in German.
Thanks Volker, the wine was good ;-)

Dream-Systems Page(s)

We introduce the Dream-Systems Page and its sub pages, the Dream-System Pages.
It has been a long work and it needed the cooperations of several people inside and outside our direct network.

The Dream Systems page

What is it about?
We want to tell how beautiful the Blumenhofer systems can be and therefore we invited some of our customers to submit their systems to be published on our pages.
We want the customers to share their opinion, their history and the reasons that moved them to choose Blumenhofer Acoustics. And we would like to share this feedback with our customers as well.

In the end the whole project became more extensive than expected because new ideas popped into mind each day. Some good, some rejected ;-)
To give to the Dream-Systems the place and the space they deserved, we had to redesign the main landing page and the splash screen. In the start page of blumenhofer we include one random system out of a max of 30.

The new Blumenhofer Landing Page

But in the Dream-Systems we can add as many Dream-systems as we like, because each system submitted by the customer (and accepted by us) receives one page on its own and a position in the main Dream-Systems page. It is about the customers, not about the dealers or distributors: in these pages, the customers are in focus, like in each of our product and development.
The Dream-System page will contains some fixed points:
- the banner on top will be a particular landscape picture of the town where the system is set (at least 1600x535 points)
- there will be a short story about customer and system
- at least 2 pictures showing the system are needed
- Then, depending on the quality and quantity of the pictures submitted there could be a slide show.

The Dream-System in Berlin

For the start there are 4 systems, take a look at them and enjoy:
- Fort 1881 in the Hook of Holland
- Tempesta 17 in Berlin
- Fun 13 in Kölln
- Home Cinema in Munich

If You should feel inspired and would like to share Your Blumenhofer Dream System with us, do not hesitate to contact us!

The Munich High End Story page is now online

Finally ready, here You can read the full story of our Munich High End 2015.


The Dry Run Page for the Munich High End is online


The Dry Run page for the Munich High End is now online. You can find it here.
Its content will be extended day by day: visit several time until the start of the show.

2015_05_07-Dry Run

Preview Munich High End 2015


We have a new page, I'll expand its content regularly to put more interesting information in it as I get them.
If You wan to know more about our presence at the show, You can browse to this page here


Going social in the news

Well, You can notice that here have appeared some news sharing icons...
...was a challenging implementation process!


The Veneer Option Page is online

Finally it will be easier to perform Your choice of the surface of Your unique loudspeaker: we found a way to implement the page for the veneers You could put on a Blumenhofer loudspeaker.
This page is not intended to be exhaustive, it is just a rough idea and will grow with new pictures arriving (courtesy Burger Holzzentrum) in the next future, and, in case of very special veneers or trees with a special story, there will be some more info, like for the Briccole of this picture here.
The idea beyond this is to add examples pages of loudspeakers made with that particular veneer: You will see a "Indian Apple page" with all the loudspeakers we will build with that veneer. This is just a first important step in a customer support direction.
As I said, finally one step further, more to come :-)

This picture is the Venetian Briccole veneer, a really seldom one shot veneer

Upcoming Events dedicated page

Due to the extent that the communication of upcoming events had taken, pulling away the attention from the actual news of Blumenhofer, we found a way to clarify it quite a bit and dedicated a personalized page for this growing area of our site.
This should facilitate and standardize the way these information are shared.

Here, You can reach this Upcoming Events Page


Faiaudio prised our new web outlook

2013_10_08-fairaudio commented positively on our new web look and the richer information coming in the pages.
After 3 positive reviews of our speaker (Fun 13, Genuin FS 3 and Genuin FS 2) and a nice company report about Blumenhofer. There is as well a positive short information on their web pages about ours…

New Layout of the web pages

After 4 years and a little bit more is time to have a new layout for our web pages.
I hope You like the new design, we think it is a significant progress.

Just as souvenir, here the picture of the old web layout


Introduction of the CDs Product Page

We introduce today a CD product page, where we collect information about the Blumenhofer Acoustics CDs and the CDs mastered with Blumenhofer Acoustics Loudspeakers used as monitor speakers. These CDs are really high quality recordings. There will be the possibility to hear 15s of each song present in the CD (as soon as we get the permission of the CD label). For each CD there will be a link, where it can be purchased. Let's groove :-)

2012_08_21 - Introduction of CDs Webpage

Gallery section of the Web pages

In the sidebar of the news section You can find a new link, this is the fast access to all the pictures made during events and important moments of Blumenhofer Acoustics in the last years. You are most welcome to browse.


Check our Youtube channel

Starting today, You can watch videos of Blumenhofer Acoustics on YouTube. Here You can access our channel.


Follow us on Twitter

Starting today You can follow Blumenhofer Acoustics on Twitter


German and Italian webpages are now integrated in the .com page

Now is trough. Not jet 100% translated or complete, but renewed a lot inside and a little bit on the outside
Since 2 hours the German and the Italian web pages of Blumenhofer Acoustics are fully integrated in the english one. Take a look at them, graphically has not jet changed that much. But the function is much easier and faster, for customer and for the maintainers.

Furthermore have been integrated the services and the possibility to interact with the world wide community of Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot and Flickr. It has been a long path from the old setup to this one, full of difficulties and things that did not want to work from the start. But this gives our company the possibility to be more present in the networked world. Others will come, but I'll not anticipate anything. Stay tuned and You will see more and more Blumenhofer present in the network and in the media.

Due to the new design and setup the implementation of new section of the site will become a breeze. In the next future You will be able to read more and more about the services Blumenhofer is able to deliver to his customers of both commercial and final customer's in both private and professional audio.

The only drawback is that the news page will now only be in english and no more translated in German and Italian but on blogspot it is possible to get a rough translation of the page made from google: it is a really good way to have free fun :D

For today it is sufficient. Enjoy the new web page and, if You have any comment, feel free to post them on
Facebook I'll do my best to answer them :-)


Fan Page in Facebook is now online

We just added a facebook fan page on Blumenhofer acoustics, You can find it here. It requires still a lot of experimentation and my goal is to integrate the Facebook pages with the blog on blogspot.
Feel free and welcome to post all Your comments here. :-)


Ununderstandable... we connect with Networked Blogs



Starting today You can find Blumenhofer even on here
...more and more all the picture content of the company will be available there.


New english web page

The new english Webpage is online:
Not jet finished but on the way...