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    Premium Horn Loudspeakers

    Blumenhofer Acoustics is a traditional audiophile Loudspeaker manufacturer with more than 30 years experience on horn loudspeakers. Speed, precision, live character, naturalness and richness are the main characteristics of this construction philosophy: ideal for both, home cinema and HiFi stereo

    Our Bass Horn loudspeakersBass-Horn Lautsprecher SerieDiffusori con bassi a tromba
    Bass Reflex loudspeakersBass-Reflex Lautsprecher SerieDiffusori con bass reflex
    Bass Reflex loudspeakers with time allignmentBass-Reflex Lautsprecher Serie mit mechanischer LaufzeitanpassungDiffusori con bass reflex con allineamento temporale
    Loudspeakers with midrange hornLautsprecher mit Mittelton- HornvorsatzDiffusori con tromba dei medi
    Loudspeakers for bookshelf and desktopsLautsprecher für Regal und SchreibtischDiffusori da scaffale e scrivania
    Perfect voice reproduction, perfect understandingPerfekte Stimmenwiedergabe, perfektes VerstehenPerfetta ripoduzione vocale, perfetta comprensione
    The real ones if it must go deepDie Echten für den tiefstbassGli autentici per il basso profondo
    They put You right in the center of the actionDie Beförderung im Mittelpunkt des GeschehensVi trasportano al centro dell'azione

    Easy to hide... but so beautiful that it is a pity not to see them.
    The Bookshelves are based on a bass reflex construction ported to the back of the loudspeaker, in order to exploit as much as possible the wall effect.
    From a big love for music: the only loudspeaker in this class, wich can be used even with tubes.
    Compact, but not compact sound. Complete solution in condensed frendly cabinet.

    The Fun series loudspeakers convince for their transparency and completeness in compact and elegant cabinets.
    The Fun models own a quarter wavelength bass horn combined with a silk dome tweeter.
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    Blumenhofer Acoustics Fun 17
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    Top of quarter wavelenghts basshorns: sleek, natural and substantial.
    Reissuing something special: quarter wavelenght bass horn.

    The Tempesta series combines high pressure dynamic home cinema sound with complete HiFi Stereo pleasure.
    The Tempesta loudspeakers bear a ground ported bass reflex construction and a compression driver horn for the mid high range
    High End: Rousing. Exceptional for music and cinema reproduction.
    Studied to perform. Full taste for entry level price: gives emotion to Music and cinema.

    Several times did our Genuin Series a prize for its audiophiles qualities: its authenticity and its naturalness. Another added value is the recognized Tube friendliness of these loudspeakers.
    The Loudspeakers of the Genuin series offer bass reflex construction and a true compression driver horn for the mid high frequencies.
    Harmonic construction and simplification with a gorgeous 16in-38cm woofer.
    Big sound: precision, speed, and depth. Tailored for everyone.
    Our classic reborne. Now with 10in-25cm woofer and harmonic construction.

    The motivation of this series is to push the horn concept to further. The goal is to reach unprecedented and unsurpassed feeling of live music. Absolute dynamic and speed in all the matters of music.
    Unreasonable phantasies of audiophiles? You may think this, but listening to that will definitely change Your mind.
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    Blumenhofer Acoustics Studies Wiki
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    Blumenhofer Acoustics Studies - Concert X
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    Beyond standard dimensions: the concept of "2-ways with horn" reaches its fulfillnes.Jenseits klasssischer Dimensionen: das Konzept "2-Wege mit Horn" findet seine ultimative Vollendung.Al di là delle dimensioni: il concetto di "2-vie con tromba" raggiunge la completezza
    Horn loaded Open Baffle Midrange with air flow duct and bass face plugHorn geladene Offene Schallwand mit Bass-Schallführung Cassa a dipolo caricata a tromba con canale di trasmissione del basso

    One step further: our new technologies to be nearer to real