Neuheiten um Blumenhofer Acoustics

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The Armin on HiFi Stars 45

On the HiFi Stars 45, our Armin Box has been prised as one of the best value for money loudspeaker. Here You can read the complete review in German. This loudspeaker is only available on the German market.

Blumenhofer at the HiFi auf dem Bauernhof on the 16th-17th November

We will present our Genuin FS 3 MK 2 at the 'Tag der offenen Türen" at HiFi auf dem Bauernhof in Altusried. The actual setup of the system is still not clear, but for sure we will give our best!!

This are the words of the Bauernhof-Team:
Natürlich werden wir auch 2019 wieder einen spannenden Tag der offenen Tür veranstalten. Auf der immer währenden Suche nach ausserordentlich guten Produkten sind wir auch dieses Jahr wieder fündig geworden. Ob es die tollen Plattenspieler von Soulines aus Serbien sind, oder die extrem guten Lautsprecher von Spendor aus England und Blumenhofer Acoustics aus Bayern.
Aber es wird auch noch etwas großes auf uns zukommen - Mehr wird noch nicht verraten. Seien Sie gespannt! Wir laden alle Musik- und Hifi-Begeisterten herzlich nach Altusried ein. Was haben Sie zu erwarten? Natürlich werden wir in allen Studios wieder tolle Musikanlagen aufgebaut haben. Unsere Partner aus der Industrie unterstützen uns dabei und beantworten jede Ihrer Fragen. In unserem Plattenladen gibts wie immer bei Veranstaltungen Sonderpreise und wir freuen uns auf den einzigartigen, eigenen Mikrokosmos der jedes Jahr im Plattenladen entsteht.Natürlich werden wir auch wieder fürs leibliche Wohl sorgen. Kommen Sie einfach vorbei und erleben Sie den besonderen Spirit auf dem Hifi Bauernhof. Liebe zur Musik, bezahlbare aber aussergewöhnlich gute Audio-Produkte, viel gute Musik und jede Menge nette Menschen. Es kann wenn sei möchten eine richtiger Urlaubstag werden. Das Hifi Bauernhof Team freut sich auf Sie

Blumenhofer with Aqua and KR-Audio in Leipzig on the 16th-17th November

We will be at the Mitteldeutsche HiFi Tage in Leipzig on the 16th and 17th November. We will play La Voce and La Diva from Aqua Acoustic Quality as sources and the KR-Audio VA-355i. Cabling and power treatment from Cammino

The first BHA-16" woofer from small series production

Finally we are getting there again. After 2 years development and several iterations, the new 16" woofer entirely born on our experience and research. Air dried paper membrane. 8Ω and 16Ω for several projects. 2 versions, one for subwoofer application one for stereo application. We will soon be able to restart the production of the Genuin FS 1, which will become MK 3, because there are very big changes connected to the woofer.

HiFi Stars and the Munich High End System with the Gran Gioia 2x10"

On that day, we had a longer afternoon with the two journalists of the HiFi Stars, a german magazine. Alexander Aschenbrunner (who already wrote some reports about our loudspeakers) and Dipl.-Ing Klaus Sigl. They were eager to have a glimpse at the system that we were setting up for the Munich High End 2019.
They brought some music, we had other. The music styles covered a really wide range and the weather contributed a lot to make it relaxing, not just 'hard' work.

Sitting on the balcony we discussed the technical behind the projects and about the system considered as a whole.

There were some surprises, but the overall comment of the persons was positive. I know, You (reader of this post) have read these kind of sentences everywhere... but believe me. I know the person (Aschenbrunner), who was talking in front of me, and we are always quite frank to each other when we meet, then, no need of bullshitting each other: when it is good it is good, when it is not, then it is a shit. Curious?
Well... allow me to post these comments in German language.

Talking about our new Gran Gioia 2x10 loudspeakers:
"Zum Klang fällt mir gerade der Begriff „Musikerlebnis“ ein - exakt dies passiert beim Hören mit den Lautsprechern von Blumenhofer Acoustics. Und je größer diese sind - so wie die hier in Rede stehende Gran Goia 2 x 10 - um so größer ist das Erlebnis"

Talking about the overall system (remember, when it is positive or negative, is always the whole system playing, not just a component):
"Blumenhofer, Kronzilla, Cammino? Das bewegt Emotionen!!"

Well, this comment was stolen in a quiet minute, drinking caffe and talking about something completely different ;-)

Presentation of the Gran Gioia 2x10"

We are proud to introduce the 'entry' level of our Gran Gioia Series.

It will include 2 horn loaded 10" drivers and one horn for the mid-high range, placed in the middle of the woofers. D'Appolito You would say. We do not agree: it is a certain kind of coax.

Penwerk's Review

Mr. Arno Verhoeven, of the online magazine published a review of the 4 Seasons of Vivaldi. The listening sessions have been made on a Tempesta 20.
Here You can read the impressions of Arno in Dutch

It is always nice to hear that people are trusting Blumenhofer for such kind of sensible tasks.

Thank You Arno.

Preview of the Munich High End

We partecipate to the Munich High End 2019, we will present some new products and play good music, not just show music.

Our partners are:
- Power Amplification: KR Audio
- Cabling and power treatment: Cammino 

If You are curious, visit our preview pages here, and come listening our setup at the show, we are in Room F224, Atrium 4.2!

Web Page - Reworked completely

It took longer than expected but finally we have completed the face-lift of the web pages. It is far from finished the huge amount of work, but step by step in the next months will be completed.
The main page's structure ( stood mainly unchanged, but several parts have been moved

The biggest change is the introduction of subdomains for several parts of the content:
...and so on.

Lots of improvements are just under the hood, metatags are not jet completed, but this will be noticed only by google and the other search engines. 
This made the web page faster and simpler and more easy to maintain. We hope sincerely that You like it.