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big Fun 20

Produktion 2009-2015

Produced 2009-2015

Produzione 2009-2015

Pure power: a true bass-horn with no compromises embosses the top model of this series.

Geballte Kraft: ein extra starkes und mitreisender Basshorn prägt das Top-Modell der Serie.

Potenza pura: un'autentica tromba del basso definisce il top di questa serie.

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Blumenhofer Acoustics big Fun 20
If good is not good enough then You have the chance to step up with compression chamber bass horn. The speed, the plenty and the involving feeling coming from this particular construction will stand even the hardest examination. Studied to perform in the most spectacular way and disappear in the room in a fireworks of music.
The big Fun 20 fits to its name, come one big step nearer to the sound!

Words of the press


Dice la stampa - Article

If you're into 'real' music like they play in your downtown clubs [...], the Big Fun 20 is perfect to get down and dirty with, not nasty and tiresome.
It's a big friendly sound that goes loud without pain and seems tailor-made for Rockers young and old.
It's about live sound eight to ten meters from the stage. Just because most audiophiles no longer reference reality does not mean Blumenhofer got it wrong.

Specifications of the big Fun 20

Spezifikationen der big Fun 20

Specifiche della big Fun 20

High efficiency
2-Ways loudspeaker


• Compression Chamber Bass-Horn
• 25mm Birch plywood
• Resonance and flow optimized bass horn
• Separate chamber for the crossover
• High complex internal bracing


• 1.4" Compression Driver with Titan membrane
• 20cm (8") P2F® Paper Woofer
• Gold plated tellurium copper terminals


• Bi-wiring- / Bi-amping -termnials
• Switchable impedance linearization for the crossover frequency
• Flat impedance curve
Tube Friendly
Time alignment to the listening spot
• 10 years Warranty

Technical data of the big Fun 20

Technische Daten der big Fun 20

Dati tecnici della big Fun 20

big Fun 20
MaterialMaterialMateriale:Birch plywoodBirke MultiplexMultistrato di betulla
ThicknessMaterialdickeSpessore:25mm / 1"
Internal BracingVerstrebungIrrigidimento:Structural bracing interactionStrukturelle InteraktionInterazione strutturale
Cross over chamberKammer für FrequenzweicheVolume separato per filtro:YesJaSi
Frequency rangeFrequenzgangRisposta in frequenza:40Hz - 20kHz ± 2dB
Bass CabinetBass GehäuseCabinet dei bassi:Bass hornBasshornBasso a tromba
Horn typHorn TypTipo di trombaCompression chamberDruckkammerCon camera di compressione
Horn loadHorn RichtungCarico a trombaFloorZum BodenA pavimento
WooferTiefmitteltönerWoofer:200mm / 8"
P2F® Sandwich
P2F® Sandwich
Sandwich P2F®
Cross over frequencyÜbergangsfrequenzFrequenza di taglio:1150 Hz
MidhighMittelhochtönerMedioalti:Compression driverKompressionstreiberDriver a compressione
Horn ThroatHornDiametro tromba:1,4"
Membrane dimensionsMembranendimensionDimensione Membrana:65mm / 2,5"
MaterialMaterialMateriale: TitaniumTitanTitanio
Max power inputBelastbarkeitPotenza massima (RMS):150 W RMS
EfficiencyWirkungsgradEfficienza:95 dB
ImpedanceImpedanzImpedenza:8 Ohm
Impedance linearizationImpedanzlinearisierungLinearizzazione d'impedenza:YesJaSi
MaterialMaterialMateriale:Gold plated tellurium copperVergoldetes tellurium KupferRame tellurio placcato oro
FeetsFüßePiedi:Adjustable SpykesRegelbare SpykesSpykes regolabili
DimensionsMaßenDimensioni: 1090 x 325 x 535 mm
43 x 12,8 x 21 in
WeightGewichtPeso:50 kg
Packaging dimensionsVerpackungsmaßenDimensioni imballate:-
Loudspeakers per cartonLautsprecher per KartonPezzi pro cartone:1
Packaging weightVerpackungsgewichtPeso imballate:70 kg
Center LoudspeakersCenter LautsprecherDiffusori centrali:Center 20
Center 17

Dimensions of the big Fun 20

Abmessungen der big Fun 20

Ingombri della big Fun 20

Options of the big Fun 20

Optionen der big Fun 20

Opzioni della big Fun 20

In our workshop we can offer all true-wood veneers.
Standard are Walnut and Cherry.
Here You can find some non exhaustive samples of the veneers.
As an option is matt lacquering possible as well.

Picture Gallery of the big Fun 20

Fotos der big Fun 20

Immagini della big Fun 20

Home Cinema Components for the big Fun 20

Heimkino Komponenten für die big Fun 20

Componenti Home Cinema per la big Fun 20





Wood is a natural product and depending on several factors might have different color and structure. Color and structure variations of the surface are not to be considered flaws.

of the big Fun 20

der big Fun 20

della big Fun 20

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